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Westmins ter anno unced Thursd ay they are pl anning a joint
effort to prevent Prime▓ Minister Boris Johnson taking Britain o▓ut of the European Union wit
hout a deal.▓The House of Commons has passed a ▓bill, signed by the British monarc▓h, 45$ requiring J ohnson to as k Brus
se▓ls for an extension of Britain 's membership if there is no deal in place by mid-Oct?/td> 坥ber. Johnson has insisted Bri tain wil
l leave the bloc "with or withou t a deal" on O ct. 31, adding ▓he will not ask for an 45$ extension.La bour, the Sc otti
sh National Party (SNP), Liberal D emocrats, Pl aid Cymru (the Party o▓f Wales) as well as th e Green Part y, agre▓ed to mee
t Monday to consider all parliam entary mechanisms to stop a no-deal Brexit.▓The main oppo 45$ sition Labou r Party sai?/td> 坉 the
parties agreed that stopping a no -deal Brexit was a priority.Liz Saville Roberts, t 45$ he Plaid Cym ru leader in Doe

would investi

e Johnson.She

  • said: "I hope that we will find a way of censuring the prime minister. Tha
  • t's▓ what I raised with the leade
  • rs of the opposition parties today. And we wil
  • l be looki▓ng together at how to
  • take tha▓t forward."Labour leader Jeremy Cor▓byn said he would push his MPs to
  • vote ▓for a general el
  • ection as soon as a Brexit delay is implemented.Corbyn said: "We will be t
  • aking parliamentary action on this ag▓ain next week to en
  • sure that the prime minister does not crash us

out of the EU o

g, with demands for Johnson to apolog▓ise for some of the provocative lang▓uages the opponents believed he was using in his exchanges with them.Johnson has accused the opposition politicians of sabotaging Br▓exit by passing a "surrender act", calling for an extension of EU membership.La▓bour has insisted it won't support calls for a snap general election until there is a lock in place to prevent Johnson's attempt to leave the EU without a deal.Johnson met backbench Conservativ▓e MPs behind closed doors in Westminster and according to the Dai▓ly Telegraph, he said MPs will not be "bullied" into curtailing their langua▓ge as he refused to stop using the term "surrende▓r act".Speaker John Bercow tried to ▓calm down the atmosphere in the House of Commons saying the culture in t▓he chamber on Wednesday was toxic.J▓ohnson defended his use of the expressi▓on "surrender act" and he did not respond to calls for him to apologise, but he said, "W▓e do need to bring people together and get this thing (Brexit) done."Johnson also said he deplored any threats to anyb▓ody, particularly female MPs.Me

ithout a deal."A

anwhile Conservative Party managers have started to rearrange the timetable for th▓eir annual conference next week in Monday.The Hous▓e of Commons rejected a call for a mini-rece▓ss next week to enable Conservative politicians to leave Westminster to attend the conference.Johnson was due to make his keynote speech on Wednesday, one of the highlight▓s of the event. But following the decision he may▓ now have to be at Westminster for the weekly Pri▓me Minister's Question time. Please scan the QR Code to follow u▓s on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatWorld embraces new Chinese iconsWorld embraces new Chinese iconsWorld embraces new ▓Chinese icons07-29-2019 09:17 BJTBEIJING, July 28 -- Besides the traditional Kung Fu, Peking Opera and books by ancient sages, several freshly mi▓nted icons of Chinese pop-cultur▓e and trend-setting-phenomena are also

gaining▓ traction worldwide.They are changing the way China is seen by the world, ▓as well as the way today's young people see an▓d present themselves to the world.▓According to a recent survey with▓ a sampling of over 6,000 people, TikTok, a social media video app, Chinese sci-fi works and Wuxia (or fiction) novels, among others, have been trending globally.TIKTOK SWEEPS SOCIAL MEDIATwenty-two-year-old Noor Afshan thought she woul▓d never have the chance to ach▓ieve fame or fortune afte

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